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October 2016

PhD studentship in eighteenth-century literature

The University’s Institute of Humanities & Creative Arts is offering a full-time PhD studentship in Eighteenth-Century Literature (Director of Studies: Dr A. Mueller) – details for this opportunity may be found here:

English Language talk by Duke University Professor

On Friday, 14 October 2016, Dr Gareth Price (Duke University, USA) will offer a talk entitled ‘Politics and Flying Pigs: Narratives, Frames, and Metaphors’ as part of the English Language Talks Series. Dr Price will address the question ‘How do we use language to parse everyday political life?’ in relation to the construction of political campaign discourse in the US. Primarily using Lakoff’s work on the power of metaphor and narrative, and Goffman’s work on “frames”, he will also allude to Propp’s morphology of the folk tale, Foucault’s notion of the ordering of things, Bakhtin’s notion of the “carnivalesque”, and Borges’ wry use of the allegory. Suggesting that metaphors and narratives do not offer a single path by which to understand politics, Dr Price will explore how satire and inversion can offer points for resistance.

This talk will be of special interest to students of English Language of all years and also of students with an interest on metaphors, sociology, politics, and literature. Staff and students from the whole Institute are warmly welcome.

The talk will take place in Venue: EE G162 Lecture, Friday 14.15- 15.15. Any questions, please contact Dr Lefteris Kailoglou (


Bibliobuffers Halloween Readings

The Bibliobuffers, a local writing group studying at the University of Worcester, present an evening of readings of original horror fiction. Other writers are invited to share their own works during an open mic section. Poems are limited to fifty lines, prose to 1000 words.

The event will take place at the Hive Library on 26 October 2016 between 18:00-21:00.

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