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March 2017

Dr Jeffries’ paper on accent perception

Dr Ella Jeffries delivered a paper entitled ‘Developments in accent perception between pre-school and primary school years’ at the Workshop on Speech Perception and Production Across Lifespan at University College London. The presentation reported the results of Dr Jeffries’ research, which found that children from the age of 3 are able to group speakers by their regional accent. The research found that children’s ability in this task improved with age and with exposure to regional variation in their linguistic input, highlighting the role of these two factors in children’s developing perceptual awareness of regional accent distinctions.



Prof Webb’s talk on health and sickness in Children’s Literature

Professor Jean Webb, who is an expert on the growing research area of health and sickness in children’s literature, presented a public lecture on the topic in the Hive library on 1 March. Prof. Webb illuminated the differing ways in which the healthy child and the sick child have been portrayed in English writing for children from the nineteenth century to the present, and what these tells us about changing ideas about childhood.


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