On Wednesday 5 March 2018 the Department of English, Media and Culture at the University of Worcester hosted eight industry professionals from the fields of social media and digital marketing to discuss future employability and the function and impact of the internet on their respective industries with current undergraduate students. The guests took part in a panel discussion at the Hive, answering questions about the proliferation of digital technologies and their implications for the future.  Following the panel discussionstudents had the opportunity to network, discussing future work projects and advice for the world of work.


This event provided an excellent opportunity for the students as it enabled them to see how their academic studies translate in the ‘real world’, developing a broader understanding and appreciation for a range of growing industries, which rely on digital technologies. Since January, students have been studying a range of modules across the undergraduate media and culture degree course that explore changes in global communications, and personal and professional relationships with the internet. This academic study has included how technology continues to grow and change and, as a result of the discussion with working professionals, students have a sound awareness of how their career path will be shaped by such developments.

 panel discussion 5