The Creative Writing department in the School of Humanities are delighted to welcome Raven Brookes from the global creative communications group  DRPG, as she delivers a four-part series on How to Become a Successful Copywriter.

Raven is an alumna of the University of Worcester, where she studied English Language and Literature, and was awarded a first class degree. Raven has since gone on to become a successful Content Manager and Creative Strategist for DRPG, a global company based in Hartlebury, Worcestershire. Raven is responsible for the concept and creation of campaigns for multinational corporations and will give an insider view of this career choice.Raven.png

These master class career sessions have been created to allow the students who are studying English, Media and Culture access to an industry expert who can illuminate this career path for them. There are forty places available and these are quickly being reserved by students who are thinking about how to use their writing skills in the marketplace after graduation.

DRPG is a global creative communications group that’s packed full of passionate problem solvers. One them is Jez Light, Head of Learning & Development Possibler. Jez talked about creating the opportunity for students to experience an editor/writer’s point of view on the current job market, DRPG is a proud partner with the University of Worcester across many areas of its educational offering. We love to inspire and engage with the future creatives as they learn and one way of doing this is via a series of bespoke sessions that are written by and delivered at the campus by Raven, one of our own editors. We know what it takes to create passion as a business and this is a way for us to share this skill with others.’


Lecturer in Creative Writing and co-coordinator of the project, Ruth Stacey, said, ‘I am very pleased that DRPG have generously donated Raven’s time so that she can deliver these four sessions. I think it is vitally important for our talented student writers, who are preparing to graduate next year, to be able hear from an expert who is currently doing the job of content creation and editing. Writing for digital media is a market that benefits from the creative, analytical and professional writers that we produce in the Humanities.’


You can follow the Creative Writing department on Twitter: @uowriting to hear about how the project progresses. To find out more about DRPG onTwitter: @drpgroup